Isabella with Jennifer Special Ed teacher
from Birth To Three and Michelle
Isabella with Jennifer
Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk 9/06
Touching a star fish
Relaxing with Mommy
Looking for Nemo
Halloween 2006
Isabella as Minnie Mouse
Party at Children's Museum 10/06
Having fun with pumpkins and water
Merry-Go-Round with Mom and Emma 12/06
With Mom
Isabella's X-Mas card picture
With Ducky
Natalie with Pumpkin
With Mom, Natalie and Ivy
Just Girls, 12/06
Tub with Ducky
Tubs are fun!
all cleaned up
Project done with Michelle
With Natalie
Kisses from Natalie
Mommy got Best Mom Award for her
Birthday 1/07
Playing with Pumpkin 02/07