May 25, 2008  Our Family
Me being cute
Mom and Anna
Our Family
Natalie and Reilly
Mom and Harlan
Me with Reilly, Natalie and Emma 05/08
Me and Anna
Harlan with Grammy, Grampy and Uncle
Harlan, Grammy, Grampy Uncle Michael, and
Uncle Christian
Preschool Graduation 06/08
With Mrs. Gina
With Music Teacher
With Nurse Philvie
With Mrs Loraine
With Philvie and Anna
With Proud Mommy
Isabella with Dad
Thank you Maya, Julia, Samir and all the Kids
Thank you Tom, Lisa and Abad
Thank you Samir and Friends
Lollipop sale
Auntie Renata
Thank you Uncle Rajesh
Thank you to Dance Class for participation
Trip to Maine 8/08
Love the Park
Old Tree