With Natalie
With Grammy and Grampy
Whale watching, The Rainbow
With Mom on the boat
My stroller comes in handy after shopping
Bar Harbor, Maine
By the fire with blanket from MJ
Red hot dogs?
With Alibi, Auntie Jenn's puppy
I love puppies
my innocent siblings
Butterfly garden @ the Bronx Zoo
With Harlan on the carousel
Pumpkin patch, with Nate
I love my Friends
Kingergarden Field Trip 10/08
Halloween 08
I was a unicorn
With Ms. Gretchen 10/08
Winter 08
Love it
Sledding with Natalie
I made Snowmen with Ms. Gina
Christmas 08
With Emma
With Natalie
I even got gifts
Pumpkin checking on our rescue bird
Look what happen to Charlie, he grew, a lot
Me and our rescue Yorkie BooBoo, with 3 legs
Florida 2/09
Florida 2/09
Watching Shamu
Visiting Give Kids The World
The talking tree
Resting with Mom 2/09
My Star
Another carousel