This is fun
Snail ride
Magic Kingdom 2/09
With Tinker Bell
with Fairy
With Belle
Autograph from Sleeping Beauty
Kiss from Cinderella
Belly with TJ (some privacy please)
With TJ holding hands, ohhhhh
Kindergarden 6/09
With Nurse Malinowski 6/09
Project from Belly's Little Friends 6/09
Kindergardners 6/09
Mommy's sleeping Angels.
Our rescue bird, Rob
Rob 8/09
Cody decided to skip treats and took a nap
in the laundry basket
Belly not too happy about pumpkin.
Isabella giving Charlie treats
Treats for BooBoo
Yale, with Dr. Egan - Pulmomologist
With Dr. Egan
Nurse Jane - Yale Pulmonology
Nurse Jane
Christmas 09
Reilly, Natalie, Emma, and me
With Anna and Manny
Do I need to take more pictures?
Me and Santa!
Me and Emma 12/09
I LOVE Santa!
For my Birthday I wanted Santa to come back....
More gifts
Pretty picture frame
I love this card
I have lots of fun
Today I'm 6 years old
Show me the money!
I love you Mommy!
Harlan and Cody
Who lost their shoe?
With Nell, a bit tired 12/09
More Santa, and more gifts
Thank you Santa for my perfect Birthday
Emma and Cody
Natalie horse backriding
May, 2010
I love watermelon
I don't feel so good 9/10
New stroller fitting 8/10
Feels funny
Much better, thank you Scott
With Grammy and bunch of puppies
Getting ready for the purse party
Princess Belly with her purse from Auntie Diana